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Fight Work



Jonathan is an Advanced Actor Combatant with the BADC (British Academy of Dramatic Combat), the longest established stage combat organisation in the UK.

He began his training in 2016, whilst in his second year at drama school, and has developed his fight practice up to an advanced level of distinction. Trained and qualified in 9 weapon disciplines, he has applied his skills into both stage and screen primarily as a performer, but through his successful Fight Captain experience, he has recently touched upon Fight Direction and leading fight choreography. 

Jonathan has worked & trained under & alongside Kenan Ali (Fight Director), Kaitlin Howard (Fight Director) and Rachid Sabitri (Fight Director) with his certified training with the True Edge Combat team.

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Weapon Disciplines

  • Unarmed

  • Knife

  • Quarterstaff

  • 18th Century Smallsword

  • Case of Rapiers

  • Rapier & Dagger

  • Rapier & Cloak

  • Sword & Shield

  • Longsword

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