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MPL R&D 2022

The footprint . . .

In March of 2022, the first R&D took place at the Lowry Theatre in Manchester. Participants with a history of stammering explored the project's themes alongside professional artists.

These multi-disciplinary workshops of combined arts involved music, dance, drawing, writing, acting, and play; bringing fluent and dysfluent voices together. Through new techniques and new theatre making practices, the project began its investigation into the relationship to disfluencies and to develop ideas for a performative piece.

The workshops were designed in such a way to be as inclusive as possible to hear the voices of the diverse community within the stammering 'world'. 

The space offered a chance for personal discoveries along with community and cultural based excavations.

All participants involved were invited to explore as artists.


An Introductory Film leading up to the first R&D:

A Participant Trailer of the Work:


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